Sophisticated enterprise applications & mobile applications.

Mobile and Web Apps Development in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin

Customer Driven Results

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind MyDigitalPlatform. Our core philosophy is built around anticipating and satisfying the needs of our clients.

Enterprise Ready Teams

MyDigitalPlatform deploys the complex technologies that power large companies. Our expertise encompasses everything from full-service web and enterprise portals to sophisticated web-based and mobile applications.

Proven Structured Methodology

Our culture allows for maximum flexibility. Our iterative Practical Agile approach, developed over years working in the field of technology, is designed to increase collaboration and engagement with our clients.

Our experts

We’re a one-stop web consulting firm — building websites by providing strategy, design, and development services.

We have over eight years of expertise working in the web. We've worked on some of the web's largest projects, and we've contributed over 18,000 hours of code to various open source projects. Not only do we take pride in our collective knowledge as a team, but we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge with our clients; teaching them to be experts, too.

We’re your partners in digital strategy when you’re looking for more than just someone to implement spec. We thrive on collaboration and we make our clients a part of our process, every step of the way.

From strategy and design, to development and support, we have the skill set to bring your project from inception to completion, all under one roof.

How it works

See how our Application Design Cycle works.

  • 1

    Discuss your plan

    Provide basis for acquiring resources and/or requirements specification.

  • 2

    Get analysis on your plan

    Get Prototypes and Wireframes on your idea and provide approval.

  • 3

    Begin Development

    Watch Running Applications and get Detailed Design Documents.

  • 4

    Get your App

    Test reports and Post Implementation & In-Process reviews.

Apps Development Process

Our Work

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Mobile Strategy

We can formulate the strategy for your application to meet the needs of the market. (Native app vs. HTML5), (iOS vs. Android), (Web app vs. Mobile app),(Architecture and functional requirements).

User Experience Design

We design apps that are intuitive, easy-to-use and positively impact people's lives. Our services: research, user persona development, concept development, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping.

User Interface Design

UI Design is our claim to fame. We adhere to established design principles while pushing the creative envelope as far as it will go.

iOS Application Development

Our team of iOS engineers provide expert development services for a range of mobile apps, including consumer, utility, social, media, enterprise, fitness and more.

Android Application Development

Our team of Android engineers are masters at Java and build products to specification for a wide range of apps.

Cloud Backend as a Service

We can streamline development for your mobile app by leveraging a backend as a service ("BaaS") such as Parse, Firebase and Kinvey.

Front End Web Development

We've been pushing the envelope with HTML5 and CSS3 since they were fledgling technologies. Responsive Web Development is a passion and core competency of ours.

Web Application Development

We are experts in building complex web applications and Ruby on Rails is one of our primary open source web frameworks.

Integration and Deployment

We can integrate a mobile app with a backend API or existing ERP system and deploy it live to Apple iTunes or Google Play.


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